About Us

Improve your skills via our distance learning higher maths program.

North Delta College is an e-learning campus dedicated to higher Mathematics. Our concept aims at using the best of Internet Technology to support students looking for alternative solutions to work on their Maths courses.

We are based in London and use the intellectual resources, Internet expertise and entrepreneurial drive available in the City to provide to English speaking students worldwide impeccable Mathematical Education at a very affordable price.

Our principal interest is in the transition between Secondary education and University as, as teachers, we noticed the main learning obstacles for any individual, is to move from the straightforward, down to earth approach of high school (or College in England) to the abstract highly impalpable textbooks recommended by most University professors.

Our aim is to help the student, any student, to bridge the gap between the two., through our distance learning higher maths program.

So welcome to the North Delta College website, where higher mathematics are unravelled back into plain English and where all the resources are provided to make your journey into University Mathematics less painful.