Why Choose us

 E2L-why choose us

  1. Building Confidence on every student’s weaknesses

A)  During the Lessons: By spending more time on the usual learning obstacles
B)  During the Tutorials: By targeting the specific difficulties of the individual student

  1. Original Pedagogy combining audio, text and visual representation

A)  Very Easy to use e-learning modules
B)  Lot of emphasis on graphs and visual modelling
C)  Synergy of teaching between the texts and the pictures

  1. Lessons written by Oxbridge educated teachers

A)  Lessons written by teachers who have studied in Top private American Universities and also Oxbridge.
B)  Course Material has been taught before in regular Brick and Mortar classroom
C)  Years of teaching and tutoring experience

  1. Maths Courses within every Budget

A)  Individual Courses are as low as £15 for 6 months of usage
B)  No hidden additional fees