Course FAQs

Who should take the Matrices course?

Anyone in need to understand the basics of Linear Algebra without the abstract part: No vector space theory but the in depth operational aspect of Matrix theory.

Who should take the Functions course?

Anyone in need of recapping his pre-calculus maths in view of the Calculus course. All the major functions are covered except the trigonometric ones.

Who should take the Calculus course?

Anyone in need of an alternative approach to Calculus theory: We are more graphical than most Calculus courses and treat the subject with deference but wit.

I am registered in a Linear Algebra class as a freshman in a University. Will the Matrices unit respond to all my needs?

Not all. Matrices are not everything in Linear Algebra. The abstract vector space approach is left aside in our course.

I am registered in a Calculus class as freshman at Uni, Should I take the Calculus class?

The Calculus course will be a refreshingly new eye opening experience. It will motivate your study of Calculus and give you plenty of intuitive understanding. This course is the most exhilarating introduction to Calculus.

I am not majoring in Mathematics, are these courses for me?

Of course: They will help you in grasping the material you learn in University or College and supplement your usual coursework reference with plenty of insights on how Maths really work.

I am majoring in Maths. Do I need to take these courses?

It will always be beneficial for you to approach maths through a different angle. These courses will open your mathematical knowledge into different horizons.

General FAQs

Why register?

You get 2 benefits by registering: -   First you can browse for free the first lesson of every course and get an idea what the material look like -   Second you can chat with the tutor and get more feedback on your advanced maths needs

How do I register on the site?

Click on the Register button on the home page and enter your information on the screen and then submit. You will get a username and a password which will allow you to browse all the free sections of the website.

How do I choose a given course?

On the home page, click on subscribe on your elected course. This will lead you to the course home page where you can subscribe for the course for a fee of 15 £. The payment is through a Paypal gateway. Once payment made you can access the entire course for the next 6 months. Please note you will have to register first.

What are the advantages of paying the full package?

The full package costs £ 40 for 6 months and gives you access to all the resources of the website. The advantage is that instead of paying £ 45 for all 3 courses separately, you pay £40 and have the same services at hand.

How do the lessons work?

Each course is made up of 7 to 8 lessons. Each lesson immerses you in an audio-visual experience where you go from slide to slide (20 to 30 slides approx. per lesson) and learn maths in a down to earth, compelling way.

How many lessons per courses?

There are 7 to 8 lessons for every course. The list is indicated in the home page of the course that you can access by registering on the website.

Why only 3 courses/units?

These 3 courses are our first vintage. We have decided to focus on the material the most relevant for making the transition between secondary school and university. More vintages are scheduled to come in the next few months.

How long is my membership valid?

From the time of payment, 6 months onward.

How do the tutorials work?

Please register for the tutorials on the tutorials page and the tutor will contact you for organising the sessions through Skype at a time convenient for both the tutor and the student. You can book the hours and pay accordingly once the tutor has contacted you. Furthermore if you live in London, face to face tutorials could possibly be organised. The cost is £35 / hour.